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January 2012

Golden Retriever A Popular Breed

Golden Retrievers are a good choice for a family pet.  They are obedient, playful, intelligent, well-mannered and extremely good with kids.  Golden Retrievers enjoy being with people. Golden Retrievers do need a lot of exercise, but not as much as some other Retrievers. Their activity requirements can be met with a couple of daily walks [...]

Dogs Wanna Have FUN

Some dogs just want to have fun … like this doggie who is trying his best to be silly with silly string! Thanks to A Dog’s Purpose for sharing their Dog Pics from Friends.  Check out the book by Bruce Cameron.

Doggie’s Two Cents

“I’m serious … I’m not walking past that prissy poodle!”

Doggie in Red Rain Boots

This little doggie doesn’t like getting his feet wet … don’t you love his little red rain boots?  Only in New York! Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Breakfast Please

Moe is quite the family dog … he likes to have meals with everyone else.  Looks like he’s waiting for his milk and cereal! Thanks to Dawn, from Michigan, for sharing this cute doggie photo with us.

Nevin has a Birthday

Nevin, one of our favorite whippet dogs, just had his third birthday … Happy Birthday, Nevin!

In NY Doggie Bag Has a New Meaning

We’ve all asked for a “doggie bag” a few times before leaving a restaurant … but New Yorkers seem to have found a new definition of Doggie Bag.  Lots of New York City dog owners love to carry their petite dogs around in their shoulder bags.  How nice for doggie! Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Dalmatian Puppy Hugs

This adorable photo of two Dalmatian puppies hugging is shared by Bruce Cameron, author of  the book A Dog’s Purpose .

Brotherly Love

Drake & Shelby … how sweet is this! Thank you to Linda for sharing this doggie photo.

New York Doggie Has it Made

Woof, Woof! …  This cute white doggie says, “I don’t even have to walk around and get my footsies cold!” Photo:Thomas L. Cathey