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November 2011

Beagle Is a Popular Dog Breed

Who doesn’t love a Beagle? Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Old English Sheepdog

“Whoops … can’t see where I’m going with all this hair in my eyes.” says this Old English sheepdog strolling in Central Park in New York City.

Dog Friends

“Wanna be friends?”

Black Lab Mix

“I promise … I did not eat the last chocolate eclair!”

Sad Basset Hound

Says the Basset Hound …  “I’m sad cause my master parked me here on the steps while he’s getting himself an ice cream treat.  No one asked me what flavor I wanted.”

One BIG Dog

A big dog for sure!  Look at the size of those paws!

Waiting Doggie

“Hmmm … where did he go?  I’ve been waiting … waiting … “

Black and White Dog

“Part of me says Yes … part of me says No.”

Thinking Dog

This Boston bulldog is thinking … thinking … thinking.

King Charles Spaniel

“Brrrr … it’s getting cold out there!” Photo: Thomas L. Cathey