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September 2011

Cool Mr Dog with Sunglasses

This funny dalmation is playing “Mr. Cool” with his trendy sunglasses.  We love funny dog photos!

CoCo the Cutest Little Dog

I had to look twice.  CoCo is so darn cute, he looks like a little stuffed animal.  Doesn’t he? Photo credit:  Thomas L. Cathey

Lets Play Ball

This Dog is more than ready to play ball !

Scottish Dog

Looks like his name should be McTavish.

Doggie of the Day

“Ummm … Could you repeat that question?”   this doggie looks a bit confused, doesn’t he? Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Dogs Left in Cars by Martin Usborne

How many times have you passed by a car and interacted with the dog left inside … or wondered when his owner will be back to assure him?  Famed photographer, Martin Usborne, has done a fantastic series of “Dogs Left in Cars”.  We love the expressions that Martin has captured in these photos. You can [...]

Doggie Bag

How cute is this Doggie in a Bag??   His name is Cody. Photo: N. Corren Conway

NYC Great Dane at Fashion Night

Fashion Night in New York City … lots of fun, artsy fashions … gee … even this Great Dane with his trendy black and white fits right in! Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

This Little Doggie Wants a Biscuit

Puppies and Fluffy dogs are just the cutest! More Dog photos

Dogs Who Love Mexican Food

“I’ll have two burritos and my amigo will have two tacos … gratias!”    These New York City dogs like any type of ethnic food.