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August 2011

Bull Terrier Dog Breed

Often mistaken for a Pit Bull, this dog breed is actually a Bull Terrier.  They are very loyal and obedient dogs.

Niko the Cutest Little Dog

“Can I have a biscuit?  … I promise to be so good.” Dog Facts: A one-year-old dog is physically as mature as a 15 year-old human.  So that’s why they act like teenagers!

Black and White Pooch

This black and white doggie is a very patient dog.  He’s waiting … waiting … waiting.  Good Dog!

Suryia and Roscoe the Orangutan and Blue Tick Hound

Take one Orangutan and a lost, but found, Blue Tick Hound and what do you get?  A unique and unusual friendship of two inseparable companions, Suryia and Roscoe.   We love this pair and we’re sure you will too! The pair first encountered each other two years ago when Roscoe, the dog,  followed the staff, from [...]

A Dog with A Great Nose

This white doggie seems to be sniffing and saying … “I love that perfume you’re wearing … what is it?”

Meet Miles the Dachshund

Miles is a cute little brown dachshund from New York City… what a cutie !

K-9 Police Dogs Protect and Serve

A Police dog, or K-9 dog as they are often known, is a dog that is trained to assist police and other law enforcement personnel.  Some police dogs wear vests and are made sworn police officers with their own badges.German Shepherds are the most common breed of dog to be trained as police dogs. Dog [...]

Dog Facts and A Scared Lttle Doggie

This little doggie wants to go home! Dog Fact:  Dogs were first domesticated by cavemen in the Palaeolithic age and gradually developed into the breeds known today.

Fluffy the Dog

Fluffy the Dog, the cute grey dog, is on an adventure. Dog Facts: Dogs, as we know them today, first appeared in Eurasia about 13,000 years ago, and were probably a direct descendant of a small, grey wolf.

Airedale Doggie

Airedale dogs are a large breed of dog, but what a classic face!.