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June 2011

Lola the Black and White Doggie

Lola the dog is getting ready to take a swim.  “Ready … Set … GO!”

Doggie Who Loves Baked Goods

The Bakery!! … “I love baked goods!” We, actually, had a chocolate lab who adored any baked goods.  When he was a puppy, he pulled a tea towel, only half-way off the counter, exactly straight and parallel to the counter.  He ate the cookies in a row, even leaving cookies that were even half-eaten … [...]

Smiley the Dog

This dog is soo happy … he’s actually SMILING !

Brindle Boxer Dog With Begging Expression

“Please” begs this pit bull.  He’s got the sad-eyed expression just perfect!

Foxy the Dog – Cute Dog Photos

Part dog, part  fox?  She’s a cutie, isn’t she?

Curious Pooch

Don’t you just love doggie expressions?  Just read about how dogs learn to “read” their humans.  No wonder they can put on those sad eye expressions when they want something … they are pretty darn smart.  Dogs are amazing!

Doggie Secrets

Whispered Doggie Secrets – a cute dog photo featured on our favorite dog blog BloggieDoggie.com.

Saint Bernard Dogs For Family Pets

Saint Bernard dogs are large dogs and they can be short hair or long hair dogs.  Consider a Saint Bernard dog if you have room for a large dog.  They are an intelligent, gentle breed.  These dogs are very obedient and since they are such strong dogs, they have been used many times in rescue [...]

White Puppy Photo

This little puppy just wants to go home!

Basset Hound Dog

Basset Hound dogs are happy to just lie around!