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April 2011

Brown Dog Brown Dog

“So … I wanna go right … he wants to go left … dog or man … who will win?”

We Love White Dogs

Nothing cuter than a white dog.  But we have to admit … we love white dogs, brown dogs, black dogs, gray dogs, spotted dogs and Striped Dogs???

Doggie Easter Bunny Photo

This doggie is the real Easter Bunny … or so he thinks!

Doggie Duds for the Well Dressed Dog

Want your dog to be the best dressed dog in town.  Buy this cute tie, any size, to go with one of the Rover shirts or jackets. Lots of companies sell ruffly outfits for your dog, but clothing from Rover gives your dog more of a macho look. The perfect complement to any Rover shirt [...]

Cute Doggie of the Day Photo

This little Doggie says … ” I like to be carried” … He’s so cute I bet he always get his way!

Lace Easter Hat for Your Dog

Won’t your doggie look so cute in this frilly lace Easter hat?  We found this adorable hat for dogs on the Etsy shop My Pup’s Stuff Check out all the cute outfits for your dog … some fancy outfits … shiny and shimmery.  Even a tartan plaid out fit for puppies.

Easter Dog Collars for Your Doggies

Easter is just around the corner – April 24 this year – and we’ve got your pet covered for cute Easter themed collars, harnesses & leashes. This fun print is called Eggscellent! With a crisp, white background, this print features several little pasted decorated Easter eggs. Perfect for the season. An Eggscellent collar would be [...]

Cutest Puppy Photo

How sweet is this puppy?  Her name is LadyBug … notice the little “ladybug” spot on her head?