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November 2010

5 Great Gifts for Dogs

Here at BloggieDoggie we’ve been searching for some great gifts for dogs or to give dog lovers for their pets. Here are 5 great gifts for the dog in your life: 1.  Tuxedo Collars – for those special days during the holidays.  These dog collars are perfect for any Christmas or New Year’s party.  Let [...]

Does Your Dog Wear Sweaters?

This little doggie looks toasty warm.  And this little doggie loves his sweater.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Dogs

“Happy Thanksgiving … pass the ketchup, please!”

Doggie of the Day Photo

“I told you … I’m not going to the CAT show with you!”

This Little Doggie Says

“That was Yummy!” says this little dog that can barely see what he’s eating.

Doggie of the Day

“Where, oh where, has my owner gone?”

Halloween Dog Dresses Up

“It’s ….  BatDog!!”