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September 2010

Doggies Waiting for the Taxi

“Here Comes the Taxi …” “There goes the Taxi …” Check out the all the Funny Dog Photos on BloggieDoggie.

The Talking Dogs

“No Max … there is no Easter Bunny!”

My Smart Puppy Is a Great Dog Training Book

We are always looking for good puppy training books and here is one offered by Grand Central Publishing, called My Smart Puppy. With the intuitive and step-by-step methods included in this invaluable book from experts Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson, including tips on how to deal with every kind of personality, puppies can be trained [...]

Some Dogs Just Make You Laugh

This dog says … “Just get out of my way … I’m havin’ a Bad Day!”

Even Dogs Get to Dine Outdoors in New York

“Yes … I’ll have the filet mignon, please”

Dog & Pet Show on Lexington Ave in New York

“Gee … who knew?  A zoo on Lexington!”

Doggie with a Big Nose

“What? …. I know my nose doesn’t really look this big … does it?”

New York Doggie Loves the Park

“My favorite place in New York is in Central Park.”

Doggie With a Big Coat of Fur

“Don’t you just love my coat?”

White Labs Are Pretty Special Dogs

“My name is Snowball … did you guess that?”