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August 2010

Bitsy Our Cairn Terrier – the Best Little Dog Ever

In memory of Bitsy … our cairn terrier … she was the best little dog ever!!

Alaskan Malamutes Have Pretty Eyes

My … my … what pretty eyes you have …

RiRi & Nevin Have Siesta Time

How cute … RiRi & Nevin are taking a little Siesta!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Doggie of the Day

Hmmmmm … whatcha think? … Should we buy this mirror?  I do look pretty cute.

RiRi the Whippet Puppy Having Fun

Here’s RiRi .. she’s having a ton of fun in her backyard.   She’s getting into everything now … we hear she even snagged a few of her mom’s cough drops off the table.  Stay tuned for more updates and the Adventures of RiRi and Nevin … the cute brother and sister whippets.

German Shepherds Are Loyal Dog Breed

Used as police dogs, the german shepherd is also a good family dog.

Spotted Dalmation Dog Known As Fireman's Dog

Cute dalmation spotted dogs are known as a fireman’s dog.

Advice From A Wise Old Dog

Advice from a wise old dog to a puppy

White Boxer Doggie Talk Photo

White boxer dog photo is so cute.

New York Dogs Are Happy Doggies

This is a cute photo of a happy New York doggie.