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June 2010

Dog Meeting – Yeah The Gang is All Here

The Doggie meeting is in session … who votes we all go to the butcher shop for some soup bones?

Happy Dog is Doggie of the Day

This doggie of the day photo shows what “Doggie Happiness” is all about!

Black & White Dauschund Dog is a Cutie

Have you ever seen a Black & White one before?  He is darling … and he looks like an obedient little puppy … or mischievous maybe!

Happy the Dog Says Have a Great Day

This is one of my best buddies … yeah, we’re both dogs … and he is a happy guy.  In fact … his name is Happy!

Cute Party Puppy Is Doggie of the Day Photo

This little puppy is ready to party …  she’s all dolled up!

Funny Doggie Sign Says No Dog Peeing

Okay little buddies … notice this sign … it says it all … go find another place to pee.  Where else?  New York … my friend Thomas found this one!

Puppy of the Day with Blue Hair Bow

Such a sweet little puppy with her blue hair bow …  I think she wants a biscuit or someone to pick her up and cuddle her … don’t you?

Tips for Caring for Dogs in Hot Weather

With excessive summer heat comes danger for dogs.  Owners need to be aware of summer temperatures and how they should care for their dogs.   Veterinarians say pushing dogs beyond their limit in the heat can be fatal. Here are some TIPS: Remember to exercise your dog in the mornings or evenings during very hot weather. [...]

You Lucky Dog Movie Premieres June 26th

Hallmark Channel’s new original family film, YOU LUCKY DOG premieres on Saturday, June 26 at 9 PM. Dog movies are my favorite type of movies … hey, Mik and I like to get comfy on the sofa and snack on popcorn and biscuits.  What?  Your dog doesn’t get a movie snack?!

Doggie with Big Ears & Big Eyes

What Big ears you have! … “Ah, the better to hear you with.” What Big eyes you have! … “The better to see you with.” Really, really … I’m listening and I see what you’re sayin’.