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May 2010

Fuzzy Puppy Photo of the Day

Ahhhhh … isn’t he soooo cute and fluffy?  Is this an Australian shepherd dog??

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

There are many, many breeds of dogs and they are sometimes popular for a short period, if one is featured on television or in a movie, but the 10 most popular dogs are breeds we are quite familiar with.   Three of the top 4 dogs are well-known to protect family and they are very loyal [...]

This Little Doggie is Cute as a Button

This tiny dog could win anyone’s heart!     And she is as cute as a button!    Do you love little dogs?

Funny Photo of Super Dog to the Rescue

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s SuperDog! And I must say … ” they made me wear this costume!”

Run and Release Dog Collar from Rad Dog

If you have a well-behaved dog that rarely needs to be put on a leash, you will love this collar from Rad Dog. Rad Dog’s unique collar has a leash that stores in the collar, itself, until it is needed.  Dogs can roam free, but when you need to have them leashed, you can just [...]

All Time Favorite Dog Movies & Dog Shows

We’ve been asking some dog lovers what their favorite dog movies or old TV shows featuring dogs are. See if your favorites are on this list. Old Yeller Lassie Come Home Homeward Bound Rin Tin Tin Where the Red Fern Grows Good Boy White Fang Marley & Me Benji All Dogs Go to Heaven Eight [...]

Cute Doggie in a Raincoat

You like?  Red is my favorite color and I love it when it rains!  This doggie has style!

Airedale is Doggie of the Day on BloggieDoggie

Curly dogs are cute dogs … what a curly little airedale!!  Cute!

Fun Fact About Siberian Husky Dogs

Not all Huskies have blue eyes. The color may vary from brown to amber to blue and even combinations reaching so far as having bi-colored eyes (half blue half brown) … and they have a great temperament!

1 Dog in Grass Worth 2 Dogs in Bushes

This little doggie is enjoying the warm Spring days .. just lazing around in the grass.  A dogs life is a good life!