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April 2010

Windswept Is the New Doggie Hairdo

A gorgeous doggie with a gorgeous hairdo !  “I’m starting a trend”  she says.

Best Websites About Dogs with Dog Photos

Yes, there are lots of doggie sites out there on the internet but there are some really special Dog Sites that we think are the best.  How about it Barker?  “Woof, Woof!” I-Love-Dogs Dogs rule at I-love-Dogs.com.   Get tons of free canine stuff, dog breed information, dog names, dog videos, dog supplies and more. Great [...]

Doggie Talk

Okay, we have all felt this way one time or another.  So, what is this dog saying here??  What is this doggie thinking? “Do we have to go for a WALK now????”

Twinky Dog is the Cutest Doggie of the Day

M.A. Barker here … this is the photo I have hanging by my bed.  Twinky is my girlfriend!!

Doggie Talk

“Pleasssssse … can I just have one more dog biscuit?  Pleeeaaaaasssssse ….”

Funny Photo of the Bad News Dog

Okay … so, I’m in a Baaaad Mooood !  Just don’t talk to me and no one gets hurt!!  I’m sure you’ve had days like this … right???

Train Blue Tick Coonhound As a Puppy for Family Dog

Blue Tick Coonhound dogs are great dogs.  They can become a wonderful family dog if they are socialized from puppyhood.  But do beware that they are hunters and barkers.  They are excellent watchdogs and are good with kids as long as they are around from the start. Some information about the Blue Tick Coonhound. Size:  [...]

Smoky the Dog is Part German Short Hair Pointer

My name is Smoky and I love to run and play in the park.  I enjoy being with people and my doggie friends.

The NY Dog with Blue Eyes

“Don’t you just love my eyes?  And I sort of have a cute nose, did ya notice?”

Support Laws to Prevent Antifreeze Poisoning in Dogs

Approximately 1400 children and 10,000 cats and dogs die annually from antifreeze poisoning.  Antifreeze tastes sweet and it takes no more than a teaspoon for a fatality. But something can be done about this that would save many lives of children and pets each year.  Legislation is currently being consdered in many states that would [...]