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March 2010

Funniest Dog Photo – Dog All Dressed Up for Scuba Diving

Okay … this little Chihuahua is the Funniest Dog Photo we have ever seen … and he is as cute as can be!! From Zebedee on Flickr

Best Buddies R Three Daschund Doggies

Three little Daschund doggies are the best of buddies.  They ride around in a baby stroller … how sweet!

Chico the Chihuahua Is a Cute Little Dog

“My name is Chico … I’m a Chihuahua … “

Isn't This the Cutest Puppy in the World?

Okay … if we could choose our next puppy by a photo, this little New Yorker would be our first choice.  His name is Toby and our friend, Thomas, captured his sweet, adorable little face while he was peeking out of his little Fun Sack that his owner is wearing.  Wouldn’t you like to take [...]

Naturally Curly Doggie of the Day

“What did you say?   You like my curls?  They’re natural … you know!”