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February 2010

Weimaraner Dogs Are A Great Breed of Dog

Love Weimaraners, do you?      So do we … this is a great looking dog and a sweet one to boot! Love the ears!!!  Soft and smooth!

Love This Dog Photo of Grumpy & Grumpier

Okay  … we think the dog on the right is the Grumpier dog … what do you think?

A Cute and Curious Puppy

Hmmm … what is this?  Isn’t he an adorable puppy?

Doggies of the Day Photo Is Sooo Cute

Don’t you just love these cute puppies?  Having a little ride through the park?

Cesar Millan is The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic

One of our very favorite shows on TV is The Dog Whisperer.  Cesar Millan is the Dog Whisperer and we are always in awe when we watch the show on National Geographic … Fridays at 9.

Doggie Conference on the Street

Dog chatter … “so … whadda ya think, guys?  Should we just get goin’?”

Doggies of the Day Photo – Fun in Snowy Central Park

These two dog buddies are having a fun romp in Central Park … lots of snow for February 2010 in New York City.

Doggie First Kiss – My Favorite Doggie Photo

Ahhhh … how sweet is this?  A Doggie “first kiss” moment!  I love this doggie photo.

Dogopoly is A Great Game for Dogs & Their Owners

We’ve found the perfect game for all Dogs and their owners.  Fido can sit beside you as you play the game! If you love Monopoly, you’ll love Dog-opoly which uses dogs as the theme. Instead of real estate you have dog breeds. Purchase dog houses and dog bones for your property. You also have Good [...]

Adopt or Foster a Retired Racing Greyhound Dog

Greyhounds are one of the best natured of all breeds. They are sweet, calm, gentle, quiet, and loving with children and adults.  They are also perfect dogs for older people who want a sweet dog but don’t want a puppy to train. Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable corporation founded for the [...]