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January 2010

Whitey the All White Dog is Doggie of the Day

Okay ,,, I admit it … I am in love.  This is my Princess.  Wonder if Mik can invite Whitey and her master over some day.  She is a beautiful dog.  I heart Whitey!!!

Poodle Sisters are the Doggies of the Day

Ah … we are Doggie sisters through and through.   These are two of my best buddies from dog training school.

Top 10 Dog Breeds Name Labrador Retriever at Top of List

Friendly, loving and very playful, the Labrador retriever has become the most popular breed in the United States.  The Labrador retriever originally comes from Newfoundland and not Labrador, as the name suggests, although both areas are located in eastern Canada. Labradors come in a variety of colors, including chocolate, black, white and a sandy color.  [...]

Pit Bulls and Kids Don't Seem to Mix – Consider This When Choosing A Family Dog

As much as we all love dogs here at Bloggie Doggie, we urge any family that is considering a dog to please think about the possible unprovoked aggressiveness of some breeds.  We know that some people raise Pit Bulls without any issues, but just like raising a Tiger, as some who raise exotic pets, there [...]

Dog with A Great New Year Resolution – Eat More Fruits & Veggies

Okay … it’s 2010 … and I am trying to decide which I should add to my diet … more Fruits? …. more Veggies? That’s what they say … we will all be healthier !!!

Natural Nibbles Are an Exceptional Dog Treat Dogs Love

Natural Nibbles were developed by dog enthusiasts – perfected by nutritionists – loved by dogs. Specially formulated for optimal canine health using only the finest all-meat ingredients and essential supplements. They never use animal by-products, fillers, or artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.  Created domestically, using only premium meats from the USA, these treats are minimally [...]

How Do You LIke This Doggie Getup?

Ay … so how do you like my Kilt and booties, lassies?  Pretty cool … right?  Happy 2010 !

This Boxer Dude Dog Has Some Fine New Year's Resolutions

Hey man … I promise to be a better dog this year!  What ?  You want to hear my New Year’s resolutions for 2010? No sleeping in late No farting in the Family Room No going in, going out, going in … I will never chase the cat up the tree again (paws crossed …) [...]