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October 2009

Sweetie is the Doggie of the Day for Halloween

  Be still my heart!  Is this little gal cute, or what!!!  I would ask her to come home with me but I see she is happy where she is … but I promise to go visit her whenever I can!

Cool Doggie Home Is This Dog House Mansion

Whoa!  Look at this great Dog house!  I’m lucky I get to live inside … even get to sleep next to Mik, but if I had to be an outside dog, I would love this house! Maybe Mik will buy it for me as a Summer House … you, know … on those summer nights [...]

Please … Pretty Please … Can I Have A Dog Biscuit?

  Okay, we have all seen this look … when a pooch puts on “the Face”.  And, yes, who could resist?  I have been practicing this look since puppyhood and … it works like a charm.  I probably snag three times my share of dog bones with this look … hey. little buddies … try [...]

When in NY… Do as The NY Dogs Do … Take a Taxi

  It’s tough getting around in New York if you’re going from uptown to downtown and while many New Yorkers would only take the subways, many take a taxi. We had no idea that the dogs in New York thought this was such a great idea until we saw Bixby here riding down the street.  [...]

How to Perform Doggie CPR

What would you do if your Dog needed CPR?  Do you know how to do it?  No … I didn’t think so. Well, here is a site that shows you a video of exactly what to do in an emergency.  All dog owners should watch this.  It is featured on  a website called OhMiDog.  It’s [...]

"What's Up?" This Dog Has Incredible Hearing

I met this little buddy in the park last week and, as you can see, he is quite alert.   I don’t think any cat will be sneaking past him.  He kept looking around like “What’s That?” Not sure I want such super hearing.  I get enough distractions as it is.  But we’re happy for our [...]

Detroit Dog Chosen as Doggie of the Day

Cricket is by far one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen.   Who wouldn’t love a face like this?  Thanks to Nate in Detroit for sharing Cricket with us!

Doggie of the Day

His name is Freckles … I wonder why?

Incredible Racing Jack Russell Terriers

Hey, I bet I could do this!  Look at these Terriers competing in the Jack Russell Hurdle Race during the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Mo. on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009.