Okay, I Have to Admit it – New York Has Some Cool Dogs!


So there, I’ve said it.  My NY buddy lives in NY right next to Central Park and he is one lucky dog!  He sends me photos all the time of the cool dogs, the hip dogs and the most pampered dogs.  Really, some of those dogs have the life.  They don’t even have to do the walking … they get pushed around in carts and ride in bicycle baskets.  Don’t even have to start panting to cool off.

Then there’s this guy who wears his own sunglasses and sun visor.  I mean, what’s up with that?  Mik would never let me walk around like this, much less in NYC!  But then, I guess I have to remember that there are some real celeb dogs and their owners walking around the park there.  Have you seen any stars in your hometown lately?

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