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January 2009

Rhinestone Doggie Collar for Valentine's Present

Whoa! I just found this really, really cool rhinestone collar that I am getting for my girlfriend. She will love this for her Valentine surprise. I can even have them put her name on it … KiKi. You can order one of these for your girl too. Just check out www.trixieandpeanut.com for some awesome gifts [...]

Cool Dog Bowls

Check out this cool dog bowl and stand- perfect for me and my owner thinks it looks nice. Really he is just glad I can’t push the bowls around the floor and spill the water.

A Stylish Dog Bed even your Dog Owner will Love

So I found a bed I am going to ask my dog owner to by me.  I know he will love it because he tries to hide my doggie bed in the corner when guests come.  This dog bed looks just like his human furniture so I know it will look great and get a [...]

This Dog Wants a Wolferang !

Dog wants a Wolferang for his birthday … or for Valentine’s Day!

Happy New Year from Bloggie Doggie !

Okay,  I have made my New Year’s Resolutions for 2009. 1.   No Barking between 8pm and 8am. 2.   Only eat low-fat Dog Food. 3.  Leave the room if I have to Fart. 4.  Learn a new Trick. 5.  Chase the Cats and Exercise more. 6.  More posts on Bloggie Doggie, from moi. What are you [...]