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January 2009

7 Days with 7 Dogs – a Dog-umentary

Mik got a movie recently from an Australian production company, Laughing Owl Productions.  The name of the movie/DVD is titled “7 Days with 7 Dogs“.   We just finished watching it and I must say . . . I was impressed. At first, I was just lying on the floor by Mik’s feet … I mean, [...]

List of Foods to Avoid Giving to Any Dog

Okay, okay, I saw the list …  so now I see that I should stop begging for all the Human food!   I had no idea that so many foods could cause me so many problemos. . .  or even kill me! This great list can be found on the Pet Education site, a site [...]

AKC First Aid for Pets Kit – for Your Dog

Accidents do happen … even to us Dogs … I should know.  Just last week I stepped on a piece of glass that was in the grass and was I happy that Mik had this nifty First Aid Kit close by.  I mean, my paw was bleeding so bad, I thought I was going to [...]

Rescue Dogs at Hearts United Animal Sanctuary

While I was looking around on the internet while Mik was outside this morning, I came across this place that all Dogs and people should know about.  It’s called Hearts United for Animals and they take in animals … lots of dogs … that were abandoned or mistreated.   What a wonderful place this is.  There [...]

My Doggie Pal Snuck into 'Hotel for Dogs' Movie

My girlfriend KiKi’s family snuck her into see “Hotel for Dogs” yesterday.  They have a cute little dog carrier that looks like a purse.  So KiKi got to see the movie.  I hate to say it but she loved it … it sounded like a chick flick to me!  Actually, I think she liked the [...]

Now Hear This … NO Grapes, Raisins or Sugarless Gum

Good Grief!  My master, Mik, just read that you can’t feed grapes or raisins to Dogs.  He said they could kill us!  And I love grapes … well, actually, I’ll eat just about anything … really now, I’m a Lab! My family never, ever lets me have Chocolate … they always said it could make [...]

Hey, Who Put This Camera Collar On Me ?

Gee, I just woke up and realized that I have some digital camera hanging around my neck.  What the heck?! Mik and the family are going away for the weekend and I heard Missy telling Mik that she will be anxious to see what Jasper and I … Jasper is my cat buddy … are [...]

Great Dog Head Oven Mitt for Doggie Lovers

Now I’ve seen everything!   Is this a great gift or what?  All Dog Lovers should have one of thes in the kitchen … I know my family will love this.  And orange – a neato color. You should order one of these for a Valentine’s Gift for your favorite dog lover.  They’ll be so surprised.  [...]

Marley & Me – I Could Be A Movie Star Too !

My family says the Marley & Me movie was great.  Obviously … I didn’t get to see it.  For some reason they won’t let us dogs into the theatre.  I think they should change the rules and let well-behaved dogs in.  Now I have to wait until someone in our house rents a DVD.  No [...]

First Pooch – Who Will Be the Top Dog ?

The big news in our house today is …  Who will be the top dog?  Or … First Pooch, as they have been calling the unidentified dog.  Apparently it is between a Labradoodle … who would want to be called a ‘doodle” … or a Portugese Water Dog.   Hmmmm … which would you pick?  Well, [...]