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September 2008

Fun Kids Website for Halloween Kids Crafts

I was surfing the web this morning and I just came across a great Halloween craft for kids on Ziggity Zoom www.ziggityzoom.com And I love it when kids get to use recycled things from around the house to make something fun or useful.  I’m gonna try this craft myself to make funny little Trick or [...]

Check out the Farting Dog, Fartzmor

Okay … I just came across a site I know all you dogs can relate to … www.fartzmor.com It is too funny … you have to listen to the farting tips this dog gives.  I was rolling around on the floor howling! What’s so funny is that all the humans always blame all their farts [...]

Dog Treats to Brighten Any Dog's Day

Well, I was feeling a little lonely when I saw all the neighborhood kids get on that schoolbus yesterday morning.  So Mik pulled out a package of dog treats he had been saving for just such an occasion.  WOW!  These were more than treats … I never tasted anything so doggone delicious!  Have you ever [...]

Beachy times for a Sun Lovin' Dog

We just got back from the Outer Banks last night from a whole week at the beach.  Our cottage was in Nags Head and even with eight bedrooms we filled them all.  I had a great time with all the little kids … nine total, from age 8 on down.  You can imagine all the [...]