Doggie Heaven

Well, my little buddy, Cody, went on to doggie heaven today.  It’s a sad day for me but a good one for him.  Now he can once again run and romp to his heart’s content, just like all chocolate labs like to do .  Everyone is a little mopey around here, even his cat buddy.  Biscuits to you, Cody!!

It was a quiet day here for the 4th of July.  My master Mik worked outside but he was in and out on the computer, so I couldn’t get anything off to you all.  Looking forward to August when the entire family will head to the beach at the Outer Banks for a whole week.  It will be grand.  I love to play catch and swim out into the surf!  Maybe Mik will even let me sleep outside on the deck … under the stars.

Whoops, I gotta go … someone just dropped a burger and it just might get tossed my way!

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  1. Today I lost my little Alvin to parvo. It is deadly if not treated on time. THis little angel was a gift from a friend. ….but he had come with a little disease. I didn’t know until it was to late. It’s so sad and depressing becasue I had to put him to sleep Today. I cried and am still crying as I write this. It’s not fair that my little Alvin had to loose it’s life because the Original dod owners didn’t vaccinate him early. Alvin I promise to you that I will alwyas cherish you and fight for you and other dogs with pravo. Love mommy and may you fly in Heaven ….you will be missed!