Introducing TJ the Lab & Golden Mix

yellow labrador puppy

Isn’t TJ adorable … and guess what his initials stand for?  Thomas Jefferson!  We will be following the life and times of TJ, this sweet little lab and golden mix.


lab and golden puppy

Is this puppy adorable, or what?  Little Puppito is a labrador and golden mix.  This mixed breed is one of the most popular … labrador retriever and golden retriever.  A great choice for families with children.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Joy

rhodesian ridgeback

Tank looks like he is in doggie heaven!  The epitome of doggie joy!

Tank & Duke – Ridgebacks

ridgeback puppies

Introducing Tank & Duke … we will be sharing some fun photos of this Ridgeback duo in weeks to come.

Basset Hound Buddy

Bassett Hound dog

Who doesn’t love a Basset Hound … with those big, pleading eyes?

Little White Pug

white pug puppy

“I’m trying to rest here.” …  This little pug would rather take a nap while his New York owner shops.

Little Miss Yorkie

Yorkshire Terrier

Here she comes … little Miss Yorkie, with a bow in her hair, prancing down the street in New York.

Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Rhodesian Ridgeback

dog breeds

Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs are know for being pretty laid back.  A good choice for a family dog whether you live in the city or the country.

Romeo the Dog

St Charles spaniel

Any dog named “Romeo” deserves to be adorable and make you fall in love with him!

Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

White Doggies Going for A Ride

white dogs

“Let’s go … Let’s go!” … these two adorable white doggies are ready for their afternoon car ride!

Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey