Doggie Duo

rhosesian ridgeback puppies

Tank and Duke, the Rhodesian Ridgeback pups, having a cozy little moment!

Dog Rings Bell to Go Out

Lab puppy

Okay … we are definitely impressed.  TJ, the lab and golden mix puppy, is already trained to go to the door and ring the bell when he wants to go out.  This is a rescue pup that seems to be a wonderful dog in both temperament and obedience.  TJ lives with his family, including three young boys, in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Whippets in Blue Blankies

These two New York whippets are dressed for the chilly fall weather.  Love their warm, little blue blankies.

Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

TJ the Puppy

TJ, the labrador and golden mix puppy, is getting bigger.  As you can see he is very adventuresome. We hear he has graduated from the crate at night time and is now sleeping in the boys bedroom … and quite happy about the sleeping arrangement.

Doggies Dressed Up for Halloween

My friend Thomas was at the New York Dog Parade today.  He saw tons of doggies in costumes … here are a few he shared with us!  Guess these doggies will be out for Trick or Treat on Halloween!  Also, thanks to Barbara for some of the dog photos!

Introducing TJ the Lab & Golden Mix

yellow labrador puppy

Isn’t TJ adorable … and guess what his initials stand for?  Thomas Jefferson!  We will be following the life and times of TJ, this sweet little lab and golden mix.


lab and golden puppy

Is this puppy adorable, or what?  Little Puppito is a labrador and golden mix.  This mixed breed is one of the most popular … labrador retriever and golden retriever.  A great choice for families with children.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Joy

rhodesian ridgeback

Tank looks like he is in doggie heaven!  The epitome of doggie joy!

Tank & Duke – Ridgebacks

ridgeback puppies

Introducing Tank & Duke … we will be sharing some fun photos of this Ridgeback duo in weeks to come.

Basset Hound Buddy

Bassett Hound dog

Who doesn’t love a Basset Hound … with those big, pleading eyes?