TJ and His Buddy

labrador retriever

Two tired little pups!!  TJ is worn out and so is his little soccer buddy!

Sophie the Bulldog

bulldog puppy

Meet Sophie, a little English Bulldog that we are puppy-sitting for this week.  She is an adorable little bulldog puppy who lives in Pennsylvania.

City Dogs Are Good Dogs

good dogs

Some dogs are so laid back … like these two good doggies just waiting til their owner comes out of a shop.  City dogs seem to be so well behaved and very socially adjusted.  Maybe it is the close quarters of not having a big yard to run around in.  Do you think city dogs are better behaved than dogs that grow up in the suburbs?

Winston the Basset Hound

basset hound

Those sad eyes and that sweet look just gets you doesn’t it?  This Basset Hound from New York City is named Winston.  Kind of a fitting name, don’t you think?  My friend Thomas snapped this pic of him strolling down Columbus Ave.

Brown and Black Dog

shaggy dog

This little doggie is taking a bit of a rest while waiting for his owner.  Not sure what breed this is … anyone know?

Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Wire Haired Terrier

Love this little wire haired terrier.  Waiting so patiently for his owner while they get a cup of coffee in Chelsea.

My Uncle Jack always had this type of terrier dog when I was growing up.  They are a sweet but fiesty breed.

TJ Plays Tug of War

dogs playing

TJ and his new boxer buddy, Trina, play Tug of War!

doggie tug of war

And Trina plays with her new boxer puppy friend, Rzo.

NYC Doggie Easter Parade

dog in easter hat

In case you didn’t make it up to New York for the Easter parade, our friend Thomas took some fun pics of doggies in their finest Easter hats and outfits.  We love all the color and such a fun event.  New York certainly has it all!  Which is your favorite dog?

easter dog

dressed up dogs

dog in hat

To see more fun dogs dressed in Easter hats … check out Thomas’s blog TomsEyeView

Golden Labs Are So Sweet

white golden retriever

Goldens have a reputation for being one of the sweetest, most gentle of dog breeds.  This beautiful dog, almost white actually, is a stunning Golden Retriever.

Pretty White Poodle

white poodle

Love this pretty white standard Poodle.  What a beauty.

standard poodle

Photos:  Thomas L. Cathey